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Pratt Hobbies: Doug Pratt of Pratt Hobbies not only sell our hybrids but fly's them as well ! Pratt hobbies can also provide one of the lowest cost and most versatile fill system's on the market. Check out his "RTLS" fill system. This site is a MUST SEE !
Vatsaas Brothers: site RTV, they build some very unique rockets, No kit's for these guy's, a definite Must See, for the serious Scratch Builder. Check out the great review on the "I-110" also, thanks guy's !
The Canadian Association of Rocketry: or CAR for short. Responsible for certifing high power flyers and motors in Canada
Tripoli Rocketry Association : or TRA, the  world wide organization for high power rocketry.
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FlyHybrids: is one of the most informative pages on the net if your interested in flying Hybrid rocket motors
Flyrockets: If you new into flying rockets check out this very informative site.
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Rocketry Online: If you can't find it here it doesn't exist !
T-Rocketry: Olivier Timper Fulda Germany, our first international dealer, Olivier supplies rentable Pratt/West Coast Pyro-free GSE to local clubs! What an Idea!!
DeepSkyrocketshop: Were welcome to add Paul Lavin from Deepsky rocket shop to our international dealers list! Pay Paul a visit and check out some of the new 38mm configurations...
Uncle Bob's Rocket shop: Welcome aboard Damian Hall, Europe's Premier Dedicated Hybrid Shop.

Rocketry.ORG: Your comprehensive online resource for experimental amateur rocketry
Puget Sound Propulsion: The latest addition to our deal page.. Contact Dave with any questions