Pyro-Free GSE Plan's
Ground Support Equipment, the difference between a good days flying and a great one! With the mulitude of hybrids on the market, ground support equipment now comes in all shapes and sizes. Our goal was to produce a simple, safe and very reliable Pyro-Free ignition sequence that the consumer of our products and other mono tube hybrids could easily buy off the shelf parts locally and build their own Pyro-free GSE for a fraction of the cost. Our ignition sequence is unique in the fact that instead of high voltage that has been traced to electronics failures in rockets, the West Coast method uses high amperage. The term high amperage was conceived by the unique form of controlled short circuit induced at the tip of the coaxial fill stem, high amperage is a bit of an over-statement thought, as this form of ignition only requires between 30-40 amps at 12 volts DC about 1/3 of what is used during the normal starting of your vehicle. The amperage is passed throught a steelwool bridge and gaseous 02 is injected through the coaxial stem, this form of ignition is very fast, compaired by some as quick if not quicker than solids. The High Amperage method is very safe, simple and reliable ignition sequence for mono tube hybrids. The Pyro free ADD-ON in the plans can be triggered by an exsisting firing circuit on a NON pyro-free fill system. We have even sourced the necessary components at low costs, such as regulators & solenoids contact us if you have a problem finding anything or have any further questions.
Pyro-Free coaxial Fill stem
Our stem & stand can be used with both a launch Rail or a 1/2 launch rod
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Harbor Freight: sell's low cost oxygen regulators and other components
McMaster Carr : Great source low cost oxygen solenoids and just about everything else!
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PrincessAuto: Great Canadian source for electrical components.
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38mm Pyro free instruction.pdf
38mm Pyro free instruction.pdf
Plumbing diagram
Pyro Free Basic
GSE wiring diagram
Remote starter solenoid
Wiring close up diagram
Basic Fill/Fire/Dump
Stem design